National Scholarship Program Do Not Forget to Apply Online for Top Selected Scholarships in 2020-2021

You are currently viewing National Scholarship Program Do Not Forget to Apply Online for Top Selected Scholarships in 2020-2021

National Scholarship Program Western University Scholarships

International President’s Entrance Scholarships

This is a part of National Scholarship program and given to three exceptional all-around excellent International students to support achieving their goal. The selection is based on several factors such as academic excellence, creative and innovative thoughts, extracurricular achievements, financial need etc. This scholarship is applicable for Bachelors Degree and the amount of this Scholarship for each student is $50000 ($20,000 for year one, $10,000 annually for years two to four). Scholarship amount can be used for tuition fees and accommodation.


National Scholarship Program School Nomination

Students must complete a National Scholarship application which includes an essay and a nomination from their school.

What is the National Scholarship program?

National Scholarship Program is available for those students who are Canadian citizens or permanent resident of Canada (International President Scholarship is exceptional). Students are awarded with National Scholarship on the basis of outstanding performance in their field, exceptional achievement in extracurricular activities like arts and athletics, good contribution to school and community life, courageous nature for learning etc.

National Scholarship Program – Apply Online

The application will be available in November 2023. The National Scholarship application is an online application and all supporting documentation must be submitted by the February 14, 2024 deadline.

National Scholarship Program Eligibility Criteria

All applicants must have obtained a minimum overall academic average of 90% on all Grade. To be awarded with this scholarship applicants must register as a full time student of Western University’s main campus because National Scholarships are only available at main campus.

School nomination and an essay is required to apply for National Scholarship Programme. Different schools have different processes to choose the students who will receive a nomination. The nomination is for the student to be considered for the scholarships available within the National Scholarship Program.


National Scholarship Program – Available Scholarships

Beryl Ivey Continuing Entrance Scholarship

Beryl Ivey Continuing Entrance Scholarship is only for those students who are Canadian students or permanent resident in Canada. Students must apply National Scholarship Programme and want to be considered for the Beryl Ivey Continuing Entrance Scholarship.

Total amount of $72,000 is awarded to one student; $18,000 per academic year for a period of four years. Since it is a part of National Scholarship Programme, the eligibility criteria, application deadline are same as that one.

President’s Entrance Scholarships

President’s Entrance Scholarship is available only for Canadian students.

Amount of $70000 is provided to one student

($25,000 for year one, $15,000 annually for years two to four).

Four(4) students are awarded with $65,000 each ($20,000 for year one, $15,000 annually for years two to four)


Upto fifteen (15) students are awarded with $50000 each ($20,000 for year one, $10,000 annually for years two to four).

International President’s Entrance Scholarships

All the details is already mentioned above about this scholarship.

Faculty Entrance Scholarships

Upto 15 students can be awarded with $30,000 each ($12,000 for year one, $6,000 annually for years two to four)

National Scholarship Program Study Abroad Awards

Up to 39 at $2,500 for up to 4 months (one term), $5,000 for over 4 months (more than one term).

Schulich Leader Scholarships


Schulich Leader Scholarships are Canada’s most coveted undergraduate STEM scholarships.

Do you want to know everything about

Schulich Leader Scholarships?

Western’s Admission Scholarship Program

Western University offers the following undergraduate admission Scholarships to reward meritorious domestic students as well as international students for their magnificent score and passion for learning more.

Western Scholarship for Excellence

250 scholarships recognizing outstanding achievement are awarded based on the top high school admission averages.

Total quantity of each student is $8000 ($6,000 in first year and $2,000 for an optional study abroad experience.) It is not renewable.

Western Scholarship of Distinction

Unlimited number of this scholarship are offered to both Canadian students and  International Students.

Final admission average should be in between 92.0% and 100.0%.

Total amount is $3,500 for each student.

($2,500 in first year, plus $1,000 for optional study abroad experience).

Western Admission Scholarship

Quantity- Unlimited

Total amount- $2500 each

($1,500 in first year, plus $1,000 for optional study abroad experience).

Final admission average should be in between 90.0% and 91.9%.

Eligibility criteria to apply for Western’s admission Scholarships Programme

  1. You do not need to submit an application if you are admitted to an undergraduate program at Western’s main campus directly from secondary school as a full-time student. You will be automatically considered for one of the above mentioned Western’s admission Scholarships Programme.
  2. In order to be awarded any of these Scholarships, Applicants must fulfil above mentioned final admission average, including prerequisite courses.
  3. Students in receipt of a National Scholarship or a Schulich Leader Scholarship are not eligible for a Western Admission Scholarship.

Project Hero Scholarship

It is a financial assistance towards an undergraduate student who is a dependant of a member of the Canadian Forces who lost his/her life as a result of being deployed on an international operation.

Check out everything about Project Hero Scholarship.

Medicine & Dentistry Schulich Scholarships

These scholarships are provided to help financially the students who want to enter  Western’s Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) programs as a full time student.

This financial assistance will continue for up to four years and it is for Canadian Citizens or permanent resident of Canada who come from low income families but have academic achievements.

Medical Scholarships: To be considered for a Medical Schulich Scholarship students must complete an Admission Bursary Application and must submit the Schulich Scholarship Supplemental Application.

Total amount is $112,000, payable $28,000 per academic year. Number of scholarships vary each year.

Dentistry Scholarships: To be considered for a Dentistry Schulich Scholarship students must complete a  Financial Assistance Application and must submit the Schulich Scholarship Supplemental Application

4 Scholarships worth $44,800 are awarded to each student, payable $11,200 per academic year.

  • Other bursaries and financial aids are also available at Western University for International students. International Student Work Opportunities Program, International Student Emergency Loan Fund, International Student Bursary.
  • In-course Scholarships and Awards are established and funded by individual donors, corporations, faculties, departments, and the governing body of the University.

After finishing one year at Western international students become eligible for In-Course Scholarships and Awards, which are awarded based on previous performance in classes at Western and current registration.

  • There are some external Scholarships, awards, bursary offered by external organizations that Western is involved in administering– Loran Award, Manulife Life Lessons Scholarship Program.

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